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Placing an order:

Placing an order is very simple, if you scroll down the product page you will see close to the bottom of the page an “Add to Cart” button, click on this button to add the item to your paypal shopping cart, when ready to order simply fill in information such as your name, address & credit or debit card details in order to purchase.

Orders are placed through our web site using “PayPal”, this offers a secure method of paying with all credit/debit cards accepted & all payments are processed securely. If you don’t have a paypal account you can still pay using a credit or debit card, you do not need to sign up & at no time do we ever see your card details. We can only deliver to the address used at the time of placing the order, so please make sure this is the correct address for delivery, also by purchasing from us means you fully agree to our terms & conditions below.

Upon placing an order with us:

All of our products are entirely hand built to order personally for each customer, when making a purchase with us you only need to pay an initial deposit of 10% with the final payment being made on completion. Upon receiving your order we will contact you personally confirming that your order has been received along with more information regarding the build process.

The time it takes us to build, measure & fully test your amplifier or DAC is shown near the add the cart prior to ordering, it will never be longer than the stated timeframe & we keep you informed of the build progress with updates via E-Mail. A few days prior to completion of your amplifier or DAC we be in touch to arrange a convenient day of delivery using Royal Mail Special Delivery before 1pm.

Cancellation of an order just placed:

After placing an order, if you notice a mistake in your order or you simply have a change of mind, please contact me as soon as possible.

Due to the extremely high standards we apply to each & every amplifier & DAC we build, whereby each one is personally hand built to order for each customer & personalised with a specific code number registered only to that customer, we are unable to sell these on any kind of “trial basis” so please read the comments left on our web site from other owners to be sure this is what you require. This also means you are guaranteed to receive a 100% brand new item that has been built just for you & has never been used by anyone else before you, this is often not the case with home trials since you could be purchasing an amplifier that has already been in several homes for 30 days or more so essentially becoming second hand goods.

If you are unsure whether you actually require a headphone amplifier or DAC then please contact me for advice, if I feel your headphones would simply not benefit from amplification then I will give you advice on other ways to improve sound quality, while we are in the business of building & selling amplifiers, we would never be happy about building an amplifier for someone if we feel that their headphones or source may not actually benefit from one, therefore you will always receive honest advice rather than the usual sales pitch.

Delivery Information:

Once we have built, measured & fully tested your amplifier or DAC, I will contact you personally to let you know when to expect delivery, since we use “Royal Mail Special Delivery” this is guaranteed next day before 1pm so I can let you know exactly when your parcel will be delivered, someone will need to be available to sign for the package.

Taking delivery of your new amplifier or DAC:

When you have received your amplifier or DAC, please take the time to read the supplied instructions before use, also any damage caused during transit must be reported immediately, although it would be highly unlikely as we package our products extremely well.

3 Year UK Warranty (Terms & Conditions):

We are confident in the build quality & reliability of every amplifier or DAC we build, so rather than supplying the bare minimum requirement of 1 year, we provide our 3 year UK warranty for any amplifier or DAC purchased from our web-site. Our products over the years have proven to be extremely reliable so the warranty is really there for peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something needs attention then we will repair this free of charge within the warranty period.

You are responsible for sending the item back to us, if any part/s need replacing we will replace these completely
free of charge & send the item back to you.

Outside the 3 Year Warranty:

Once your warranty has expired, this is no problem as we provide long term support for everything we make well beyond our 3 year warranty, we offer a very similar service as before.

You are responsible for sending the item back to us, if any parts/s need replacing then we only charge for the
cost of the replacement part/s & the return postage, there will be no other charges.

The 3 year warranty does not cover the following:

  • General wear & tear to the enclosure or front panel etc.
  • If the amplifier or DAC has been tampered with or if any seals are broken.
  • If any third party repairs have taken place, or any modifications made.
  • Signs of abuse or damage caused by usage other than specified.
  • Replacement of missing parts (external transformer)
    We are able to provide this guarantee as we are confident in the quality & proven reliability of all our products, this ensures that when you own one of our products you will always receive full support for as long as you require.

From time to time we may receive questions from customers of a very similar nature, therefore we have provided some of the most frequently asked questions shown below.

(1). I have the Grado GS1000i headphones which cost me over 1000, but now I am looking for an amp & your site was recommended, can I just ask will your Monitor II be able to drive the Grado’s? & one other question, some people seem to suggest that headphones like mine should be paired with amps of a similar price in order to sound good, can I ask your thoughts on this?

Many thanks for your e-mail, first off the Grado’s with their impedance of 32 ohms would be no problem at all for the Monitor II as it has been designed to drive far more demanding headphones than the Grado. As for your second question, it’s a common misapprehension that headphones should be paired with equally priced amplifiers, judging an items performance based solely on its retail price is never a good approach, any equipment should be judged on its specifications, quality of components & of course its sound quality rather than how much it retails at.

We have chosen to base our business in a different & more personal way, our amplifiers are hand built to order for each customer using some of the highest quality components & yet cost less than most other high end amplifiers, while this can from time to time deter some people who may judge solely on price, this is unfortunate since the lower price of our amplifiers is solely due to low overheads and no retail chains. If we were run our business more commercially, firstly you would have to add VAT to our prices, secondly the distributors & retail chains etc. would demand a heavy price mark up, lastly the amplifiers would then need to be made in much larger quantities (almost certainly from the far east), therefore if you factor in all of these elements you can see the Monitor II would easily cost in the region of 3x or more for exactly the same product, which would then no doubt provide comfort to those who judge solely on price alone (which to be fair is a perfectly natural human reaction). We have been approached many times by distributors asking if they can become a dealer for NJC Audio, which we have politely turned down since this is not the way we want our business to go, we prefer to build quality amplifiers personally for each customer, in turn you receive an amplifier of higher quality but pay less. 

(2). The reviews of your amps are very impressive, I am interested in buying your monitor 2 headphone amp, reviews say it is a neutral amp, is this correct? also what exactly does neutral mean?

Many thanks for your interest, the amplifiers we build have been designed to drive all headphones, but not change how they sound, with regards to the Monitor II headphone amplifier, this is a very neutral & transparent amplifier. What this basically means is that the output of the amplifier has a completely even & flat frequency response, this ensures that whichever headphone you use will sound precisely as it has been designed to sound, the amplifier will not add or remove anything & will not colour or change how the headphones sound.

(3). I am going to be be buying your Monitor II amplifier soon, can I just ask if there will ever be a Monitor III?

The Monitor II headphone amplifier is our flagship amp & one that is proving to be a popular choice, there are no plans for a Monitor III.

(4). Do I need to allow for any burning in period with your amplifiers?

Burning in periods are usually for headphones rather than amplifiers, even with headphones there are some that benefit more from burning in than others, since every amplifier is put through a series of extensive tests after being built, a burning in period is not required, please also remember to always switch off the amplifier when not in use.

(5). How comes you only sell to UK?

While we appreciate there is demand for our products outside the UK, the design of our amplifiers & DACs along with the way in which each one is built to order entirely by hand, means they can not be produced in large quantities which would be required for selling on a global scale, every front panel, volume knob, feet, are all machined by hand in our purpose built workshop which has full machining capability, with another area being dedicated solely to electronics (hand soldering of PCB's, test & measurement), all individual processes which take a considerable amount of time.

While we could simplify our designs & use mass produced CNC panels along with standard volume knobs readily available at any electronics store, this is only one part of the entire build process & going down that road would lack the quality & personal touch which is one of the many reasons why people come to us in the first place. Therefore rather than selling on a global scale which would have certainly resulted in introducing extremely long waiting lists for our amplifiers & DACs, we instead chose to restrict sales to the UK market only so we can continue to focus on providing hand built/crafted quality with personal attention & service, rather than quantity.


If you need any advice before placing an order, please feel free to contact us below.


Please note: we will reply within 1 - 2 days, if for any reason you have not received a reply then please
check your spam settings or junk folder. We answer every E-mail received, so if you do not receive
a reply from us after 2 days then please contact us again.

We arrive at our workshop from 9am - 5pm (Mon-Fri) & 9am - 1pm on Saturdays
All E-mails will be answered in a prompt manner.

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