Moving Coil Step Up Transformer Moving Coil Step Up Transformer Moving Coil Step Up Transformer
Moving Coil Step Up Transformer Moving Coil Step Up Transformer Moving Coil Step Up Transformer
Moving Coil Step Up Transformer

Reference Series Moving Coil Step Up Transformer...

We are very pleased to introduce our Moving Coil (MC) Step Up Transformer which has been designed to be a perfect match for our Phono Preamplifier, making an ideal upgrade path for existing owners wishing to use an MC cartridge. In our own bench & listening tests we have been extremely impressed with the combination & therefore feel this is a worthy addition to our Reference Series range.

Since moving coil cartridges consist of very low output voltages, these low voltages need to be stepped up to a more suitable level before entering the phono stage which then applies RIAA equalisation along with further amplification. This is a high quality transformer based step up device often referred to as an “SUT” (Step Up Transformer) & provides the additional amplification required for the majority of moving coil cartridges without any additional active circuitry.

Designed for use with our Phono Preamplifier...

Just as our Phono Preamplifier is designed solely for moving magnet cartridges, equally the MC Transformer is designed for moving coil, this no compromise approach means that both are capable of providing optimal performance for each cartridge type.

If you have a preference for moving magnet cartridges then all you require is the Phono Preamplifier along with a suitable MM cartridge, however the MC Transformer can of course be added at a later date thereby opening up a whole range of MC cartridges.

In use, both products compliment each other perfectly & have been designed to work together to provide the highest quality, whether it be MM or MC.

Moving Coil Step Up Transformer
Moving Coil Step Up Transformer

Variable resistive cartridge loading...

Rather than having this setting fixed internally, we have included the option of user selectable resistive loading which is easily changed using the main control on the front panel.

Six positions are available which allow you to adjust the loading for any cartridge, these are 10K, 20K, 30K, 50K & 75K, with the final position being OC (open circuit). With our Phono Preamplifier also featuring variable input impedance of 47K or 100K, an even wider variety of loading options are available to suit virtually any moving coil cartridge.

More details can be found by downloading our PDF.

Two gain settings to suit a wide range of cartridges...

When choosing a moving coil cartridge they can vary significantly in output voltage, the most common is 500uV (0.5mV) while some are even lower at 200uV (0.2mV). Compare this with a moving magnet of 5mV & it is easy to see why a step up device is essential. Usually the disadvantage when choosing a transformer based step up device is which ratio (gain) do you choose for your cartridge. Too little & there will not be enough voltage gain, too much & you could overload your phono stage.

This is why we have included on the front panel a ratio switch since this changes the actual transformer step up ratio from 20dB to 26dB. This allows a 0.5mV cartridge to be raised to a perfect 5mV output but also gives the option of extra boost when needed for raising those very low output cartridges.

Moving Coil Step Up Transformer
Moving Coil Step Up Transformer

Variable Compensation...

Another feature we have included is the compensation adjustment, this ensures that cartridges of any impedance will perform optimally with the transformers. Quite often manufactures will simply set this as a standard value, while some may offer to optimize to a certain cartridge during the build stage. However, if you change cartridges or own more than one then it makes sense to be able to adjust this, essentially giving you the control to optimize the SUT to your own cartridge.

Selectable transformer ground...

We have also included three grounding options, this allows you to experiment with alternate grounding schemes to ensure perfect results with any turntable.

For more information about the Reference Series MC Transformer,
download the PDF below:


If you have purchased this moving coil step up transformer, your comments would be appreciated, please click here to submit your feedback.
(If you could mention the cartridge & any other equipment being used, this would help others who may also own similar equipment)

The customer service from yourselves has been first rate, it’s a rare pleasure to have such care taken in communicating with
the customer and keeping them informed in this day and age, and little things like refunding the postage make a world of
difference to the experience (and the big things like taking the time to give advice on usage tailored to my kit).

I should also say that the SUT is working beautifully. I don’t have any reference point for SUTs and fairly limited experience
of phono stages, but the NJC pair are exquisitely built, a pleasure to use and certainly seem very transparent. Overall the
sound coming off the TT is absolutely beautiful and only getting better as the cartridge breaks in.
Submitted: 26/03/2018 - Name: D Turner - Location: Bournemouth
Comments from (NJC Audio): We appreciate your comments Daniel & nice to know you are enjoying them both. All the best, Nick


A very high quality product at a sensible price!, would definately buy again & recommend this.
Submitted: 27/10/2017 - Name: D Wright - Location: Hampshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your comments, much appreciated. All the best, Nick


After retiring in August I decided it was time to treat myself to a nice audio system figuring if I don't do it now then I
never will. I started by purchasing a Funk Firm turntable with a Lyra moving coil cartridge with my son setting up all the
fiddly parts & alignment. I also splashed out on floorstanding speakers - integrated speaker amplifer - headphones - but I have
mainly mentioned the turntable & cartridge because these are what I am using with the NJC hifi. I was about to purchase another
make of phono amplifier when my son found the NJC Audio website & we both agreed it looked like the better buy so in November
I purchased the reference phono amplifier with the matching moving coil transformer.

The combination of phono preamplifer with the transformers is perfect because they work very well together & sound so
accomplished. My son & I always research everything properly before buying & the NJC hifi has been the best buy.
Now I know what I am hearing & enjoying is not all due to the NJC phono & transformers but also the speakers & the moving
coil cartridge, but when I connected the cartridge into the phono input on the integrated speaker amplifier it was not as good
as the NJC phono & transformers. I am getting so much enjoyment from how good all of this sounds.

On a personal note, you probably get a lot of mails so might not remember me but the advice you gave with the headphones
has turned out to be spot on, I purchased the model you recommeded & they have worked out to be perfect for late
evening listening. After re-reading your detailed mail again I think the sound of these as you described is very accurate.
My thanks to you both & I will happily recommend your products - George.
Submitted: 2/01/2017 - Name: G Hudson - Location: West Sussex
Comments from (NJC Audio): Nice to know you are enjoying the equipment, many thanks for your comments. Kind regards, Nick


I bought this on spec. for its flexibility and neat design and on the basis of the positive reviews. It certainly works.
Just how good it is is hard for me to say as I do not have a second pair of transformers to compare it with: I can only review
it as part of a chain (Ortofon Cadenza Blue, Michell Gyro SE, Croft RIAA R, Icon Audio Passive, Icon Audio mono blocks) and in
that context it works very well. I am pleased that I bought it now, even though I spent as much in total on the Croft plus
passive plus NJC as I would have done buying an Icon Audio valve MC stage with volume control. How they would actually compare,
I don't know. It was the online reviews that persuaded me to try the NJC, whereas the lack of physical address for the company
on the web-site put me off initially, to the point where I almost got cold feet; one likes to know who one is dealing with.
I am now wondering how good the DAC is, even though I have one, well, three, that should be better on price. DACs need
comparing in detail side by side though, they need listening too as one is trying to find a DAC that makes a silk purse
out of a sow's ear.
Submitted: 29/12/2016 - Name: R Buscall - Location: Devon
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your feedback, for security we do not disclose our workshop address, but our
mailing address is of course provided upon purchase. All the best, Nick


Well, it's been a number of weeks past since I purchased this Step-up transformer from NJC Audio. The delay with this review
is mainly due to my own stupidity, which rendered the McIntosh Amp in hospital for the best part of a week, due to a Valve
Flashover. Anyway, all is well now. Before I continue, all I can say is this is one piece of kit to rival almost anything out
there at this price point and perhaps a great deal more. The NJC Audio Step-up transformer replaces my Whest Two phono stage
and after trying out and loaning many other SUT’s that cost between 2 and 10 times the cost. My honest opinion is that the NJC
kit equals, or in many cases surpasses the sound quality of almost all step-up transformers currently available. (unless of course
you have very deep pockets indeed).

A Brief insight to the kit this device is hooked up to is detailed below :- (not state of the art but in my opinion, not bad).
Townsend Rock 7 / SME V / Benz Wood SL McIntosh MA 2275 NJC Audio Step-up Transformer. IPL SK4 Transmission Line Speakers
The other bits are really irrelevant for this review, so are not mentioned.

The sound stage this step-up transformer produces is no less than stunning and of course of is fully adjustable, not only
for the Benz Wood but for just about any MC cartridge currently available. I can only highly recommend the Step-up transformer
as being “as good as it gets”. Finally, my thanks to Richard and Nick who supplied not only regular updates on the build but
advised the best settings to match my system. To end…….. the equipment was also packaged with astounding attention to detail,
which only further reinforced I was purchasing a quality piece of Hi-FI. Conclusion: If you have an unused MM Phono stage and
wish to drive a high end MC Cartridge without an expensive phono preamp…… this is the way to go. “ Here endeth the Sermon”.
Submitted: 14/10/2016 - Name: P Boyse - Location: Wiltshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Nice to know you are enjoying the SUT, many thanks for the detailed feedback, all the best, Nick


A delayed response but a month in & i am very pleased with SUT, & the different load settings i can now see are a real
benefit & that degree of flexibility going forward will be invaluable.The build quality looks of the highest order &
your level of service has been great & well communicated, i do hope plenty more folk see the light & experience a really
high quality British SUT. Very many thanks Peter.
Submitted: 10/06/2016 - Name: P Steward - Location: Bury St. Edmunds
Comments from (NJC Audio): I appreciate your feedback Peter, kind regards Nick


Very pleased with the step-up transformer. This is matched to a Charisma mc1 cartridge that I've just bought fitted to
an Acoustic Signature tonearm on a Roksan Xexes 20 turntable through to Roksans m2 integrated amp. Sound is provided by a
pair of Russell K 100's. Sounds great to my ears so if your ever in Eastbourne please feel free to come round and tell me
what you think.
Submitted: 16/02/2016 - Name: A Billings - Location: Eastbourne
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your comments Andy, it is much appreciated. All the best, Nick


Just over a week in now from when my NJC arrived & I've been playing mostly classic rock or jazz (modified TD160 + dynavector MC)
& its brilliant! Extremely well made & with good features which made the decision to buy all the easier. Very happy thanks!
Submitted: 15/07/2015 - Name: P Collins - Location: Durham
Comments from (NJC Audio): I appreciate your comments Paul, nice to know your enjoying the MC transformer. Kind regards Nick


I'm not sure where to leave comments because they are for the NJC preamp & MC stepup so I have just submitted them for
both products & I hope thats ok? The NJC phono preamp has been a very good upgrade with a very nicely balanced sound.
The NJC MC stepup transformer is also really something & is much better than the weak mc input that I was using & such
low noise which is the first thing I noticed, again a nicely balanced sound with no obvious tilt. The only minor gripe
is I have them both positioned closely together but half a meter of cable joining the two was unnecessary. So I had Nick at
NJC make a really short interconnect to keep everything tidy at the back (thanks Nick its now perfect, you should offer
these on your site as an optional extra or something as others might be interested too).

In my humble opinion these are both excllent performers & handsomely built & finished. Apart from royal mail saying they
attempted delivery when nobody had! buying from NJC Audio has been smooth sailing all the way so I recommend them.
Submitted: 8/04/2015 - Name: B Hughes - Location: Gloucester
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your feedback Brian, it is very much appreciated,
I will see about adding the interconnect as an option, all the best Nick.


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These are individually hand built to order for each person, the time it takes us to build, measure & fully test your MC Transformer is currently between 14-18 working days.

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