24bit DAC

24bit DAC 24bit DAC 24bit DAC
24bit DAC 24bit DAC 24bit DAC
24bit DAC

How a DAC can help to improve your system...

The analogue output of modern production CD players can often be built using very basic low cost designs combined with low grade components, sound quality can often be second place. Using an external DAC bypasses the analogue stage turning the player into a CD transport, with the external DAC being a far higher quality source.

The Reference DAC features a low noise seven stage linear power supply system, ensuring each key stage is independently powered from the next, PCBs are designed with completely separate digital & analogue sections which further improves performance, all combined with a low distortion, low noise output stage & many other refinements for a true reference grade sound quality.

Multiple digital inputs to connect to any CD transport...

The rear of the DAC features a good selection of digital connections of which can be found on the back of any CD player/transport. First there is an optical input, this provides an ideal method of connecting to a CD player since there is no physical connection between equipment.

Not all CD players may have an optical connection available, therefore the DAC also features an S/PDIF Coaxial digital input which is also transformer coupled so that ground loops are no longer an issue, this can also be switched between transformer coupled or a direct ground via the ground select switch on the rear of the DAC.

While the DAC has been designed for use alongside a CD transport, there is also a USB connection so that a laptop or computer may be used, (Windows or Mac).

24bit DAC
24bit DAC

High quality upsampling process with low jitter...

All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit 96kHz* via an independently powered upsampling circuit using a very low jitter (<1ps) high quality master clock, regardless of whether the input is 16/44.1 or even 24/96/192, the jitter reduction stages effectively remove any jitter present to below audible levels. This applies to all digital inputs (including USB) ensuring optimum & uniform sound quality.

* Depending on your requirements we can also build your DAC with upsampling to 24bit 192kHz, please note this choice is ONLY available at the time of ordering due to the different build requirements. Since the 192kHz version requires the use of extra components this can not be changed afterwards without extra costs involved, more information & help is included in our PDF available to download.


Digital Input Selector...

The DAC has a front mounted input selector, this allows a very convenient way of changing from one input to another. Switching digital inputs can be performed with the DAC powered on, there will be no audible pops or clicks when switching. The switch used is also of high quality, using silver contacts for excellent electrical conductivity & longevity.

Other features...

A digital filter switch at the rear allows you to change the DACs filter response, there is also an attenuate switch & also an S/PDIF ground select switch, along with an analogue input for extra convenience when connecting equipment.

24bit DAC
24bit DAC

Unique modular design with quality components throughout...

The design of the DAC is unique in that it is completely modular based which means that the DAC can easily be updated in the future. While at this moment in time the DAC makes use of the flagship Wolfson WM8741 D/A converter, if however in the future a newer type were to be released we could then design a new module so that existing DACs can be easily & very cost effectively updated, rather than having to  purchase an entirely new DAC altogether.

The DAC also uses the very finest components ensuring long term reliability, the seven stage linear power supply uses a multi stage regulation circuit ensuring no  power sharing between each of the digital & analogue sections. Panasonic FM series capacitors are used for their ultra low impedance performance along with quality SMT film capacitors & thin film resistors for improved linearity in the analogue domain.

A perfectly matched source for our Reference Series Headphone Amplifier...

The DAC provides a perfect source when used with our Reference Series headphone amplifier for an extremely high quality headphone set up.

When used with a reference grade headphone & suitable CD transport or computer based system, the combination provides an extremely entertaining & pleasurable listening experience, something that is often very hard to convey in words on a web-site, the best way to describe the sound is extremely refined, capturing every detail & nuance in the music, while providing a very balanced sound with no emphasis on any part of the frequency spectrum, being something that is not only enjoyable to use every day, but is also highly addictive to listen to music with long term.

24bit DAC

For more information about the Reference Series 24bit DAC,
download the PDF below:


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Price: 415 (96kHz) / 440 (192kHz)
+ 11.00 Postage
Payment is by 10% deposit with final
payment upon completion.

Delivery to: UK Mainland Only
(See FAQ for more information)

These are individually hand built to order for each person, the time it takes us to build, measure & fully test your DAC is currently between 14-18 working days.

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