24bit DAC

24bit DAC 24bit DAC 24bit DAC
24bit DAC 24bit DAC 24bit DAC
24bit DAC

How a DAC can help to improve your system...

The analogue output of modern production CD players can often be built using very basic low cost designs combined with low grade components, sound quality can often be second place. Using an external DAC bypasses the analogue stage turning the player into a CD transport, with the external DAC being a far higher quality source.

The Reference DAC features a low noise seven stage linear power supply system, ensuring each key stage is independently powered from the next, PCBs are designed with completely separate digital & analogue sections which further improves performance, all combined with a low distortion, low noise output stage & many other refinements for a true reference grade sound quality.

Multiple digital inputs to connect to any CD transport...

The rear of the DAC features a good selection of digital connections of which can be found on the back of any CD player/transport. First there is an optical input, this provides an ideal method of connecting to a CD player since there is no physical connection between equipment.

Not all CD players may have an optical connection available, therefore the DAC also features an S/PDIF Coaxial digital input which is also transformer coupled so that ground loops are no longer an issue, this can also be switched between transformer coupled or a direct ground via the ground select switch on the rear of the DAC.

While the DAC has been designed for use alongside a CD transport, there is also a USB connection so that a laptop or computer may be used, (Windows or Mac).

24bit DAC
24bit DAC

High quality upsampling process with low jitter...

All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit 96kHz* via an independently powered upsampling circuit using a very low jitter (<1ps) high quality master clock, regardless of whether the input is 16/44.1 or even 24/96/192, the jitter reduction stages effectively remove any jitter present to below audible levels. This applies to all digital inputs (including USB) ensuring optimum & uniform sound quality.

* Depending on your requirements we can also build your DAC with upsampling to 24bit 192kHz, please note this choice is ONLY available at the time of ordering due to the different build requirements. Since the 192kHz version requires the use of extra components this can not be changed afterwards without extra costs involved, more information & help is included in our PDF available to download.


Digital Input Selector...

The DAC has a front mounted input selector, this allows a very convenient way of changing from one input to another. Switching digital inputs can be performed with the DAC powered on, there will be no audible pops or clicks when switching. The switch used is also of high quality, using silver contacts for excellent electrical conductivity & longevity.

Other features...

A digital filter switch at the rear allows you to change the DACs filter response, there is also an attenuate switch & also an S/PDIF ground select switch, along with an analogue input for extra convenience when connecting equipment.

24bit DAC
24bit DAC

Unique modular design with quality components throughout...

The design of the DAC is unique in that it is completely modular based which means that the DAC can easily be updated in the future. While at this moment in time the DAC makes use of the flagship Wolfson WM8741 D/A converter, if however in the future a newer type were to be released we could then design a new module so that existing DACs can be easily & very cost effectively updated, rather than having to  purchase an entirely new DAC altogether.

The DAC also uses the very finest components ensuring long term reliability, the seven stage linear power supply uses a multi stage regulation circuit ensuring no  power sharing between each of the digital & analogue sections. Panasonic FM series capacitors are used for their ultra low impedance performance along with quality SMT film capacitors & thin film resistors for improved linearity in the analogue domain.

A perfectly matched source for our Reference Series Headphone Amplifier...

The DAC provides a perfect source when used with our Reference Series headphone amplifier for an extremely high quality headphone set up.

When used with a reference grade headphone & suitable CD transport or computer based system, the combination provides an extremely entertaining & pleasurable listening experience, something that is often very hard to convey in words on a web-site, the best way to describe the sound is extremely refined, capturing every detail & nuance in the music, while providing a very balanced sound with no emphasis on any part of the frequency spectrum, being something that is not only enjoyable to use every day, but is also highly addictive to listen to music with long term.

24bit DAC

For more information about the Reference Series 24bit DAC,
download the PDF below:


If you have purchased this DAC, your comments would be appreciated, please click here to submit your feedback.

Feedback re DAC

Well almost 3 weeks since the DAC arrived and I can sum that time up as the finest listening period that I have had since
collecting CD's......

A few more observations may be helpful.

I have never owned a off board DAC so I can only compare your model with the built in one in my set up . I have a Musical
Fidelity A1008 CD pro player and A1008 integrated amp with dedicated power supplies .These are 2007 vintage and when new
were priced around 6000 and were very well reviewed .. Both the CD player and the Amp had similar on board dac's of no
doubt some reasonable quality considering the price paid. Inter connects and speaker cables used are high quality and
loudspeakers are origionel Rogers BBC LS3/5A monitors ,..Late in this listening period I upgraded to a Atlas pure glass
optical cable , and more of that later..

Firstly , the purchasing experience was first rate and a model which very many other on line suppliers would do well to
aspire to.You kept me updated and informed and answered and questions quickly and fully.. The item was delivered on the agreed
date extremely well packaged..

First impressions..Good looking,even better than the photos, very well made and put together..

Listening. The DAC has been connected to a range of co-ax and optical cables. FRom a standard copper cable upto a quality
200+ one ,there were improvements up the range .Then a couple of plastic optical cables in the 30-40 range .Surprisingly
they were as good ,if not marginally better than the best Co-ax.. I then searched for a better optical cable and settled
on the Atlas MAvros multi strand pure glass cable.There are few reviews of optical cables ,so i took a gamble as it was in
my target price range ..

I have a wide range of music ,from Mahler 8, to Joe Bonhamassa via solo instrumental and voice, small jazz groups,Electronica
(brian Eno) and Pop ( Elbow etc ) Every type benefited greatly , from the amount of extra detail presented coupled with the
improved sound staging which has brought the performances into focus with a rock solid presentation. There is now a clear and
extended Bass line solid middle and clear top ..

I am very pleasantly surprised at the big overall gains this little box has achieved,,,My whole library has been refreshed and
renewed ... I am a very happy customer ,at this price its a steal of an upgrade.....

The final piece.......You hear so much that you cant improve digital optical with expensive cables ,well let me tell you
that within my system you can. The Atlas Mavros has allowed the DAC to produce another level of clarity coupled with
extensive ,solid 3D sound staging whilst adding what I can only describe as a lovely maturity to the sound... Think of
it like that expensive Malt / wine where everything is just right .....

Funnily a DAC upgrade had always scared me, I should not have worried , I am very very pleased with the outcome..
Thanks again and Best wishes
David Baron
Submitted: 2/05/2018 - Name: D Baron - Location: Lancashire
Comments from (NJC Audio): We appreciate your in depth feedback, interesting to read & nice to know you are enjoying the DAC.


Ordered the headphone amp and reference dac,communication great,was kept informed at various stages of the build/delivery
details. Came from a "name removed" 3322 tube amp,and initially I was a little concerned as the new setup sounded a little
harsh and bass light... My worries were unfounded though,my interconnect cables just needed a few hours to burn in to the
new setup,then the bass reappeared and everything sounded much nicer. Soundstage and detail much improved. Very impressed
with the build quality and the personalized instructions are a nice touch. Best of all though there is zero background
noise-used to get a hum with the tube amp between tracks or when quiet. So to sum up I'm very happy with my purchase and
wish Nick and Richard much sucess in the future.
Submitted: 10/02/2018 - Name: P Read - Location: North Yorkshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your comments, we appreciate the feedback. Happy listening, Nick.


I placed an order for one of these before the summer holidays & I asked if it could be made but delayed until
a specific date because this is a gift, I was told this would be no problem at all. Upon my return a message
dropped in my in-box saying how everything was ready & it would be sent out as requested for delivery. The parcel
arrived right on the day I asked for, no problems, no having to send reminders, a great company!

My husband is the audiophile in our house :-o he is thrilled to bits with this, he said something about definition
& space if thats even a thing? its lost on me!. Thanks to you all for making this so easy.
Submitted: 20/09/2017 - Name: C Foster - Location: Derby
Comments from (NJC Audio): Nice to hear from you Claire & we appreciate your comments. Kind regards Nick.


The DAC is brilliant I am enjoying it very much, it does everything I want so I will be ordering your headphone amp
over the next couple of days, if the amp is anywhere near as good as this then I think it should make an awesome duo.
Submitted: 12/02/2017 - Name: R Keane - Location: Northumberland
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your comments, nice to know you are enjoying the DAC, all the best Nick.


Everything works just as described, the casework finish is excellent & the sound from the DAC is of the highest quality.
It was easy to connect everything to the DAC & the analogue input has already come in handy. Very happy with this so thanks
to you both.
Submitted: 1/12/2016 - Name: C Lawson - Location: Shropshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): We appreciate the feedback, many thanks & happy listening, Kind regards Nick.


The build quality of the NJC Reference DAC and Monitor II amplifier is some of the best that I've ever seen on any piece of
electrical equipment anywhere. You can tell it's a real labour of love for the guys that make them. Every millimeter of the
casework oozes quality. Even the bits that can't be seen such as the machined feet and sockets at the back look as though
they belong on a Rolls Royce or Bugatti. A nice personal touch is that each unit which NJC make is individually tested and
a print-out of each items unique distortion measurement results are included.

Not surprisingly given these impressive ultra low distortion measurements, the sound quality is superb with my Sennheiser
HD700 headphones. Very clear and smooth with no hint of any background noise or hiss at all. I would particularly like to
thank Nick for his outstanding level of customer service. I purchased my Monitor II headphone amplifier second-hand it
was past it's 3 year warranty and had a fault that was due to damage caused by misuse of the previous owner (as opposed
to a fault with the actual amplifier itself). Despite this, Nick spent several days running tests to find the fault
then repaired it free of charge!
Submitted: 9/08/2016 - Name: S Goodman - Location: Devon
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your feedback Steve, it is much appreciated, kind regards Nick.


I bought this DAC from NJC a couple of months ago to pair up with the Reference Headphone Amp I bought last year.
Having given it plenty of time I can say it's one of the best pieces of kit I have ever bought. Solid build quality,
accurate switching, quality components and a perfect complement to the NJC Headphone Amp - I am using a couple of pairs
of high end (and demanding at 600 ohms) headphones and am hearing things I have never heard in my music before.
Ally all that to a ridiculously personalised service and order process and you get quality UK audio gear that's hard to
beat with a personal touch that puts most other audio businesses to shame. Thanks Nick!
Submitted: 17/03/2016 - Name: P Quinn - Location: Merseyside
Comments from (NJC Audio): Nice to know you are enjoying the amplifer & DAC, I appreciate your feedback, all the best Nick.


Having been seriously impressed with the Monitor II I wasn't sure how much of a difference the DAC would make. I'm not an
audiophile or a sound engineer and I don't possess "golden ears" but there are very audible improvements over my old DAC.
Well beyond any placebo effect there is definitely a better separartion of individual instruments and greater
clarity/resolution - guitars and vocals in particular sound sharper and "cleaner". I only listen to CDs and 96/24 lossless
and my music has taken on a new lease of life. I really wasn't expecting the DAC to make such a difference and not only I am
quite surprised, but also delighted! Again, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Nick and Richard. Great job and thank you
Submitted: 12/11/2015 - Name: A Webb - Location: Portsmouth
Comments from (NJC Audio): It's always nice when existing customers come back to us, we appreciate your feedback, many thanks, Nick.


The NJC DAC is everything a DAC needs to be, transparent, functional and sounds great. It has the reliably solid and precise
milled NJC build, and the signature clean clear substantial sound. Everything is placed where it should be and soundstage and
separation of music is spot on.The analogue in, is a great addition and has allowed me to have a complete vinyl/digital
system with out the need for an additional pre amp.
Submitted: 22/05/2015 - Name: R Cressey - Location: London
Comments from (NJC Audio): Thanks for your feedback Rob, it's much appreciated, all the best, Nick.


The DAC arrived and was packaged very nicely. First impressions; there is definately more clarity & crispness to the sound
that wasn't there before and with a firm deep bass that holds everything together. Thank you so much! this is just what I was
hoping for and much more! I am more than happy with the DAC.
Submitted: 29/04/2015 - Name: A Mills - Location: Norfolk
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks Andrew for your valued feedback, kind regards, Nick.


About 2 months ago on recommendation from a friend I purchased a Monitor II headphone amplifier. I did this without any audition,
purely because I was interested and liked what I saw on NJC's web site. Well what can I say? I was immediately blown away by the
amp and within a month had purchased two of NJC's phono stages and also their DAC.

The DAC in common with other NJC products is clean and neutral, just like a DAC should be. It also has a host of useful features
like filter settings and accepts all types of digital input - I use mine with toslink fed by an Apple Airport Express.

With NJC products there is no audiophile flowery language or descriptions. What you get is superb sounding equipment at
competitive prices with a build quality second to none. NJC bend backwards to be helpful and offer great advice with no hard
sell. I have never come across a hi fi company like them - they set a standard most other companies sadly fall short of.
Highly recommended!
Submitted: 8/06/2014 (via online feedback form) - Name: P Bishop - Location: Berkshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Thanks again Phil for your feedback, nice to know you are enjoying the DAC, all the best! Nick.


Its been some months now having received my NJC Headphone amp and just a couple of weeks since having my NJC dac delivered.
Both are now sounding at their best. The NJC head amp replaced the Heed headphone amp. The NJC dac replaced the BMC DAC 1 (3300).
So I am now left with NJC dac and head amp and Apple iMac loaded with all my cds via iTunes and Audirvana software.

Having bought a new Naim Uniti 2 some weeks before the NJC dac you may well have thought what was the point of splashing out on
head amp and dac as well!.The truth is the NJC head amp is superior to the Uniti head amp and in combination with NJC dac it is
a magnitude better. I do enjoy listening to the Uniti cd player though. I have not tried to describe the sound of either amp
or dac as I feel such information is not required. Up to 3 months ago my system was Classe CDP 300,BMC Dac 1,Aloia ST13.01i
power amp,ART speakers,MIT Spectral cables, it is now NJC dac and head amp and iMac Beyerdynamic DT880,Shure srh1480 and a
few other headphones.

Both products are of a high build standard with controls working beautifully.Thank you Nick and NJC for allowing this greater
insight to my wonderful MUSIC collection.
Submitted: 31/05/2014 (via online feedback form) - Name: P Dalton - Location: Staffordshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your comments Paul, very interesting to read & much appreciated, many thanks Nick.


Listening to all sorts of music genre with this new DAC in the chain I have come to the conclusion that music is a lot clearer,
cleaner & much more focussed than what was coming out of my CD player outs, it sounds more correct & together if that is a right
way to describe it? with the quality of audio gone up several notches I do find it more engaging to listen to, where before using
the standard output of the player I found myself losing interest.

The build & level of finish on this DAC is also just as impressive as the sound & very professionally made, I also found the
information on the NJC site along with the supplied manual helpful since it told me all about the actual product rather than
just a load of useless buzz words or hype, I like the whole down to earth approach & especially that these are designed & made
right here in England.

I am really happy & fortunate I found out about these, making recommending this DAC very easy to do as it is a good way to get
better sound out of a CD player & probably anything else with a digi out (I use the optical with my player) thanks for everything, Ron.
Submitted: 27/09/2013 (via online feedback form) - Name: R Goodwin - Location: Bristol
Comments from (NJC Audio): Thanks for your feedback Ron & for the comments about our website, all the best Nick.


Hi Nick, Holidays and a fair listening/running in period means I can now report my feelings about the 24bit Reference DAC. I own
a 1000 Dac and have had Dac's worth several thousands of pounds in the past but yours is most certainly up there making the value
for money unbeatable in my opinion. The 24bit Reference DAC separates and clarifies and adds wide ,deep soundstages to all types of
music.You can hear the hand hit the congas on Santana's One Prison and I have never heard the range of percussion so clearly defined
on this and many other similar songs. The bass is not as pronounced as on my other Dac but who's to say that is right! The bass is
evident where it should be, Stanley Clarke's Fuse one album being proof enough, never mind Prince's latest single.

Once again I find myself listening to all manner of music, discovering new things(ie:-multi-tracked vocals I've never heard before)
along the way and enjoying every moment of it. Never having given a mention to the phono cables before I feel I should mention these
are top quality and represent real value for money. They are equal to various cables I have costing 80-100 and while they might not
be as good as some I have valued at 250 the law of diminishing returns means I will never pay that sort of money again!

I do feel from the 80's 90's and 000's etc that I/we were ripped off when people such as yourself are making such great quality
products at such prices when ,even now, major manufacturers are charging 5,10 times the price for very little significant improvement
if any. I have had home trails of music streamers, for instance, worth 1000's and they do not sound (in my medium priced system
10,000-15,000) any better than what I already have! Many thanks and kindest regards David.
Submitted: 25/03/2013 (via online feedback form) - Name: D Woodcock - Location: East Riding of Yorkshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your feedback David, it is very much appreciated & was interesting to read.


Several weeks ago I purchased the NJC Audio Reference DAC after having owned and been impressed by NJC's Audio Monitor II amplifier
for the previous 7+ months. Both devices are well-built with convenient switches on the back and prominent power and input lights on
the front. The amp's volume control turns with ease (although once both devices are running you won't need to turn it much to get as
much volume as you could possibly need),whilst everything else feels rock solid and durable. Although I have no experience with any
other amps or DACs to make comparisons, to me the NJC devices sound of a very high quality. The amp on its own was powerful enough
to run my Beyerdynamic DT990s (600 Ohm) and Sennheiser HD650s with ease, so I have no doubt it could run even more demanding
headphones if necessary.

The improvements in sound quality from the amp alone are very noticeable (even with my Grado SR225i where I felt the bass was given
some much needed weight), but when the DAC is added the sound really shines on all headphones.Highs feel more refined, lows are much
better defined with drums becoming intensely pleasing in rock/metal, sound stage feels larger (most noticeable in symphonic pieces on
the DT990s breathtaking!) and vocals stand out across all genres. Overall everything sounds wonderfully accurate and clean and as
you would expect, there is greater detail and depth to music.

Even the so-called 'Sennheiser veil' on my HD650s is rendered almost unnoticeable. I only started my journey into the audiophile world
last Autumn but I would definitely recommend anybody who loves music to get themselves a decent set of headphones, a powerful amp to
drive them and a good netural DAC. Based on my experience I'd say NJC is a great place to start. Many thanks NJC!

Submitted: 11/08/2012 (via online feedback form) - Name: G Howard - Location: Kent
Comments from (NJC Audio): I'm glad you are enjoying your amp & DAC, many thanks for your feedback, kind regards Nick.


I purchased the 24-bit DAC and the Monitor II amp from NJC-Audio to improve my HD audio experience and compliment the wide range of
excellent headphones available on the market. The primary idea behind purchasing the Monitor II was the flexibility to drive any
headphone out there - thus creating the ability to get the maximum benefit from any tricky-to-drive headphones.The excellent thing
about the stuff from NJC-Audio is the price. If you want this level of quality from elsewhere, you're going to be hard pressed to
find a better price-performance ratio.

The devices I purchased are basic in operation; you're not paying for tons of fancy audio processing features and stuff that you
probably won't use much. This isn't a bad thing at all because the devices sound great and if you're into Hi-Fi then you probably
don't care too much for colouring the sound with equalizers and things like that anyway. By no means am I an audiophile. I just enjoy
a good sound. So I cannot speak in fancy audiophile lingo. What I CAN say is how pleasing the output audio is, and how quiet the
amplifier is. Pretty much zero background noise! If there is anything that could be improved maybe Dolby Headphone support or some
such. Stuff like that can always be a blast for movies. However, I am confident that Nick will be releasing new items with even
more features at some point.

Submitted: 21/04/2012 (via online feedback form) - Name: W Davis - Location: Hertfordshire
Comments from (NJC Audio): Many thanks for your valued feedback Will, all the best! Nick.



Price: 415 (96kHz) / 440 (192kHz)
+ 11.00 Postage
Payment can be made in full or 10% deposit
with final payment upon completion.

Delivery to: UK Mainland Only
(See FAQ for more information)

These are individually hand built to order for each person, the time it takes us to build, measure & fully test your DAC is currently between 14-18 working days.

Please choose a payment option below:


Please note: If you require a pair of suitable interconnects, please take a look at this page:



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