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(30/11/2018) - Please Note: Our workshop is now closed for our annual break, many thanks to all of our customers
who have purchased from us on what has been another busy year. With all current orders now completed
any new inquiries will be replied to as soon as we return. (Kind Regards, NJC Audio)

(01/11/2018) - Please Note: This is an early reminder of our upcoming annual break where our
workshop will be closed from the 1st December.

The last date of placing an order will be around the 21st November, this takes into account our build times
& will also guarantee that all orders are completed in time before our break, (Kind Regards, NJC Audio)

Welcome to NJC Audio,
Quality hand built headphone amplifiers, DACs & interconnects.

Listening to music is a real pleasure, even more so when you listen through a good quality pair of headphones. However if the headphones are not being driven to their full potential, the whole experience can end up sounding dull & lacking any real excitement.

A good quality headphone amp ensures that headphones are able to operate completely unrestricted, ideally at the same time not colouring or changing their sound character. With headphones that are being driven properly, you often find the whole experience more rewarding & very much more enjoyable.

Here at NJC Audio we not only design & build quality headphone amplifiers, but also Phono Preamplifiers & DACs. You can experience for yourself true high end performance, with headphones being driven to their optimum ability & equipment that you can enjoy using & trust will last for a long time to come.

Sound quality is sure to please even the most demanding of listener, with owners of our amplifiers using all types of headphones, from Grado & Denon to top of the range models from Sennheiser, Audeze & many others.

All amplifiers & DACs are hand built to order personally for each customer, with all PCBs being hand soldered using high quality components to ensure long life & high reliability. Our workshop also has full machining capabilities, therefore we not only design & build the amplifiers & DACs, but are also in a unique position to actually manufacture aluminium front panels, volume knobs, feet etc, with the end result being of much higher quality with a personal touch.

Our amplifiers & DACs are ideal for those searching for something not so mainstream who enjoy & appreciate quality hand crafted items that are built to last, we enjoy what we do & receive very positive feedback from owners.


All amplifiers & DACs purchased from our web site are supplied with our 3 year UK warranty.

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Reference Series 24bit DAC
(Reference quality DAC with either 96kHz or 192kHz upsampling & multiple digital inputs)

Reference Series Phono Preamplifier
(Reference quality MM phono stage featuring
variable gain & capacitance to suit all cartridges)

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