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Quality British Engineered Audio Equipment
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Welcome to NJC Audio

Thank you for visiting our website, we are passionate about designing & building high quality audio products, we design all of our own products with every single one being hand built to order for each customer.  We use the highest quality components for the best performance & to ensure long life with high reliability, all components are sourced only from official UK & US distributors. Since all of our products are only available direct from our website with no dealerships or other expenses means you can experience for yourself true high end performance albeit without the matching high end prices.

Unlike the vast majority of audio companies, our workshop also has full machining capabilities, so we not only design & build the audio equipment, but are also in a unique position to actually manufacture aluminium front panels, volume knobs, even right down to the solid aluminium turned feet on all of our reference series products, the end result being of much higher quality than mass produced items together with a personal touch & friendly service that is so lacking these days.

Our audio products are perfect for those searching for something that is not mainstream while at the same time being built properly to exact standards, these are hand built products of the highest quality that are built to last, we enjoy what we do & as a result receive very positive feedback from owners.

We hope you enjoy looking at our products, we have a lot of information on our website together with PDFs for each product, so please feel free to have a look & if you need any help then you can contact us on our "Contact" page.
Every product designed to match...
Whether you are looking for a headphone amplifier to drive some demanding headphones, a DAC for use as a high quality digital source, or a phono preamplifier to bring the best out of vinyl, all of our products are designed to perfectly compliment each other.
Quality Components used throughout...
All of our products have been designed for performance & high reliability rather than being made to a certain price, we use the best quality components sourced only from official UK & US distributers.
Machined to ensure optimum quality...
All casework is precisely machined in our purpose built workshop, every front panel, every control knob are all meticulously machined, this ensures that we can maintain full control over the final quality of all our products with repeatable quality every time.
Three year warranty on all products
We are confident in the proven reliability of all our products so every product purchased from our website comes with a full 3 year product warranty. We also continue to support every product we make well beyond this warranty period.
Site last updated: 11th May 2024
Email : sales@njc-audio.co.uk
Web: http://www.njc-audio.co.uk
Quality British Engineered Audio Equipment
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