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Reference Series - Interconnects
High Quality Gold Plated RCA Interconnects
Reference quality audio interconnects...
The reference interconnects are a very high quality interconnect for connecting any equipment using RCA connections. These are perfectly suited for use with our headphone amplifier, connected to either the Phono Preamplifier or 24bit Reference DAC (or indeed any other equipment such as a CD player).

These are made in 0.5 metre lengths since this is the optimum length for connecting two pieces of equipment. Generally speaking it is always better practice to keep cable lengths as short as possible, however we have tested these at lengths in excess of 5 metres with no losses. If you feel 0.5 metres is not long enough for your needs then we can make any length you require. (simply contact us with your requirements).
Gold plated RCA connectors ensure a reliable connection...
The RCA (phono) connectors used are of the highest quality, the connectors are gold plated with an all metal construction, no plastic parts to break & absolutely no chance of an unreliable connection.
High quality audio cables
Highly flexible “Pure OFC” cable...
The choice of cable used is made from a low loss pure OFC copper cable for optimum performance. The outer jacket has also been chosen for its extra flexibility over other “audiophile” type interconnects, being made of Neoprene rubber it is extremely flexible & makes routing of the interconnects far easier.
Used extensively in our own workshop...
When designing any products, after they have been measured using professionally calibrated test/analyser equipment, the very last stage consists of actual listening tests & for this we always use reference headphones. We use a wide selection of headphones we have available in the workshop which includes a number of reference models such as the Sennheiser HD800, Tesla T1 as well as many of the popular models such as the Sennheiser HD650, AKG K702, K550 etc. Naturally for this audible testing stage we require an interconnect that can be trusted to provide a reliable connection time after time, therefore these interconnects are used for this stage since they have proved to be highly reliable, providing a positive connection & simply perform their task flawlessly.
Technical Specifications...
Conductor: Low loss pure OFC copper
Shielding: OFC copper braid (97% coverage)
Outer Jacket: Neoprene/PVC
RCA/Phono plug: Gold plated centre & outer contacts, all metal construction

Capacitance: 62pF per metre
Impedance: 75ohms (suitable for audio or digtal)
Performance: (ref: 0dB / 0.1Hz - 5MHz) -0.0001dB (0.1Hz - 500kHz) / 0.3dB (5MHz)

Outer Diameter: 6.2mm
Overall Length: 0.5m (any length can be made so please ask)

We can also make a digital S/PDIF interconnect starting from £24 for a 0.5m,
other lengths can also be made, please contact us for more details (click here for a photo of the digital interconnect)
Pricing & Ordering Details...
Delivery: Tracked/Insured
Delivery is to UK ONLY
Price: £48 + £8.35 delivery
Delivery: Tracked/Insured*
*Delivery is free when ordered with an amplifier or DAC

Custom lengths can easily be made so please ask
All payments are handled securely by "PayPal"
Delivery is to UK Mainland only
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Quality British Engineered Audio Equipment
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